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Sandra Backlund

If you have been on my blog for a while now, then you will now the history I have with Sandra. We met , thanks to Ben ( the perfume man ) who insisted to Diane , when we were in Stockholm, that she needed to meet one of his friends, Sandra Backlund. Ben was taking Diane to a few of the showrooms during the stockholm fashion week, and Sandra was not on any of the official lists of showrooms to visit, but we had the time, and Ben got us intrigued,well cut a long story short, Diane instantly thought she was amazing, and I was spellbound as well. Diane suggest she enters Hyers, and well the rest is history.
And now, the latest collection from Sandra Backlund, which , again, has just blown me out of the water, this is so good, Sandra just get better and better, and I am honoured to know her, as not only is she incredibly talented, but one of the most charming and friendly people you will ever meet.
Ok, enough chit chat, just check out her latest collection. oh, and thanks Ben for introducing usSS10 pic1 Photo Peter Gehrke
SS10 pic2 Photo Peter Gehrke
SS10 pic3 Photo Peter Gehrke
SS10 pic4 Photo Peter Gehrke SS10 pic5 Photo Peter Gehrke
SS10 pic6 Photo Peter Gehrke
SS10 pic7 Photo Peter Gehrke
SS10 pic8 Photo Peter GehrkeSS10 pic9 Photo Peter Gehrke
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