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Biusevu village waterfall, Fiji

PC070029Would love to have these growing in the gardenPC070030 Biusevu village waterfallPC070033the water is sooo nice and refreshing, but that cold snap refreshing, just nice on a warm tropical dayPC070035PC070036One of the local kids who came along with us for the walk, Apenisa, but they all called him AppiPC070038And like me, he loves jumping of the waterfallPC070040My turn, and crikey, my back is looking scary red after that surf yesterdayPC070042Appi shows me the wayPC070047Looks easy from here, but I had a little struggle at first trying to find a foot holdPC070048nearly therePC070049PC070050PC070052PC070054PC070055PC070057Appi & I are just loving it up herePC070058PC070059PC070060PC070062In there somewherePC070064Loving it herePC070071PC070072PC070074AaaahhPC070075Appi just had to get another jump inPC070076PC070084PC070086a good spot to say your vowsIMG_4918my , I'm red, I'm going to be hurting laterIMG_4919Nearly lobster red_SYD3502O.K. time to say good bye to this place_SYD3505
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