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back with the 80's...really ?

IMG_5010cropA few months ago , I was contacted by a curator from the power house museum as they were putting together an exhibition on the 80's ( shit...really ) And one part of it is the partying part, where the big dance parties played a big part of it, especially the notorious R.A.T. parties, and they wanted to use some of my photos , especially the ones of Grace Jones at the R.A.T. party, so fast forward to today , and it is the opening night, and I'm here with Jac Vidgen, one of the key players (there were 3 of them-3 rats :-) outside the powerhouse museumIMG_5016cropWith Stephen FerrisIMG_5017cropPseudo Echo played, remember them ? I saw them ( back in the 80;s ) at Avalon RSL :-)IMG_5019cropdamn it, forgot her name but (s)he used to be at all the parties, looking immaculate, and confusing quite a few blokes I'm sure heheheIMG_5025cropIn the actual exhibtion space ( the party with bands playing was downstairs ) they had some those old 80's arcade games, think pacman, galaga, so while everyone was down there, Jacs and I score a few free gamesIMG_5027cropcool pics of me that Jac tookIMG_5032cropgo pacmanIMG_5034cropcheck the concentrationIMG_5037cropmaybe we should get one of theseIMG_5022cropStrange thing about this exhibition is that we were invited as guest to come to opening for a preview and drinks at 6pm till 7:30 and then for a "party" after wards. After 7:30, people who had bought tickets could come in, mainly to "party " and see/hear the bands ( Gangajang & Pseudo Echo ) but we turned up at 6:30 and there no more free drinks, so had to queue up to buy a drink, with over a hundred people there and only 3 in experienced bar staff, quickly turned into long queues , and while the band was playing and Jac and I played pacman, well, when the band finished, at 10:30 and so was the party it seemed, and museum staff and security moved through the crowd telling people to exit the building, well, powerhouse museum people, if you gonna do 80's , you need to learn, that that was no way to party, they usually did not start till 11 at night and went till the sun came up, plus, where was Donna Draper, she should have been on the door working with Tux, telling me I could not come in with a beard like that hehehe.
Anyway, Jacs wrote a little report on the event as well ( better than me of course ) check it out on her blog
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