Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


WISH LookBook

With the awesome Rachel RuttIMG_3450
I think we are up to outfit number 87IMG_3453
We are going really fast through the shots, but the software is letting us down every now and thenIMG_3456
We are shooting straight to computer ( and a new fast one with 8Gb Ram etc...) but still the software seizes up , so we need to re-start it all etc...IMG_3457
So I take a couple of shots for the blog while we wait for the re-loadIMG_3458
The new IDs MkIIIIMG_3460
Yeay, finishedIMG_3461
I think we did about 110 or so outfitsIMG_3462
now get that make off, run to 2 castings, then meet up with a boy for dinner, not a bad day for RachelIMG_3464

Yeay, thanks Rachel for your hard work, we did it pretty fast all those outfits !IMG_3465
And now I deserve one of these

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