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Vivienne Wong

Our model for the Jozette for Mirella shoot today is Australian Ballet dancer Vivienne Wong, and I'm excited about shooting a professional ballet dancer. Here Isabella is putting the finishing touches of make up on ( even tone on those legs ) while Isabel Smith, our dance adviser for the day looks on. How nice to have a dance adviser, as well as guiding Vivienne, she will look with me at the shot to make sure that technically , I captured Vivienne at the right moment of movementIMG_3321
Vivienne in one of the outfits in make up , just getting touched up before I grab her on set againIMG_3322
woosh that hair Isabella, all about volume todayIMG_3328 looking very glamourous that hair. Now you will have to wait a while to see the results, but having just checked the low res jpgs already, I'm happy with some of the shots I got today. Movement !

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