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Bet you your girlfriend can't do this

In Australia, when you have a car older than 3 years ( or is it 5 years ) every year you have to re new your car's registration, which involves a mechanical and safety control, now big open gashing rusty holes are a safety issue ( you try living near the beach and not get rust on your car ) So nearly every australian has had a go at "putty-ing up" or " Bogging"  the holes of rust to pass the control and get another 12 months to drive your car. Now I had never really done this before, and Jacqui was in there in a heartbeat, keen to prove how good she isIMG_0786
Jac's technique involves putting some newspaper and chicken wire inside first, so it the putty mix will hold plus you don't end up wasting a whole can on filing the insidesIMG_0962
Then she fills it up, and the trick is to so as smooth as possible to minimise all the sanding work once the putty has gone hard, and a good mix starts to go hard in 15-20 minutes, so it's not like you got all day to try and smooth itIMG_0963
putt putt putt putting away
bit of backlit putty work, all done with a smile of courseIMG_1201
and voila, a few days later and new car registration, Jac's the panel beater with finished productIMG_1204

now I bet you are not as lucky as me to have a girlfriend that can do that for you


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