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Singapore to Sydney

And still no window seat, but I managed to sneak this one inIMG_3051 IMG_3052
The rest are like these unfortunatelyIMG_3054
still . . .IMG_3055
something different from my usual lot of cloud pictures while flying over IndonesiaIMG_3056
you can just make out the Islands below.
I must say though,  while I was not happy about the situation, the guy in charge of the plane, and the woman in charge of my cabin area , where really helpfull and emphatic, as they really tried to work on a solution, double checked business class to see if there was a spare seat up there, but no, like the trip from London the plane was completely full. So no can do, and you know when people say they're sorry, and you can just feel they are saying it because they have to say and don't really care , because it is their job to say they are sorry, well these guys meant it and I felt it, so thanks to the cabin crew from Qantas as I appreciate you trying , it was a real bummer for me to be stuck in a seat without a window, but I put my mind somewhere else and forgot about it. ( and no, I did not get drunk, although they did offer me some pretty tasty alcohol, I stuck to good old water, and lots of it, as I did want to get there too dehydratedIMG_3058 another rainbow, on the floor this timeIMG_3059
ok that's it for now, till I get to Sydney

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