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London to Singapore

Majorly pissed off I am. You know me and my clouds by now, and how I always make sure I get a window seat, well, as usual I had a window seat, but then at the airport, for some reason I got bumped off my window seat, so I made a fuss about ( within reason of course ) but there was nothing they could do.
They were thinking of upgrading me to business, but economy, premium economy as well as business were all full, no empty seats on the plane, buggerIMG_3037
So during take off, this is the best I could get from my middle row aisle seat , grrrrrrrIMG_3039
naturally, during the flight I could get up and try to get a shot from the door's window, but ...IMG_3041
I'm on the new 380Airbus, and the door windows have this split wide angle thing on the it . so IMG_3043
This is the best I got, the view from the tailgate as seen on the onboard entertainment systemIMG_3045
not a bad sized screen by the way. Also, what you notice in this photo, which was getting me even madder, was that the people that got their window seat, did not even utilise the window, and take advantage of the incredible vista's, as they had their windows shuttered down, bastardos !!IMG_3046
look , a rainbowIMG_3047

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