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how to beat jet lag . . . go for a walk

I am glad that the council are putting up signs like this, you have a stretch of council land, which is open for the public to enjoy a walk along the cliff edge. So one side cliff, and on the other side backyard of private homes, so some of these home owners deiced their property might be worth more, if they have a nicer clear view of the ocean if they cut down a tree that sits on the strip of council land, which is illegal, so now , instead of a clear view, they no longer have the filtered view of the ocean seen through tree branches , but a big bright bold yellow sign , which reads

" Trees in reserve have been vandalised/poisened. Pittwater council will pay a reward of up to $10,000 for information which leads to a successful prosecution of any person or persons who willfully damage trees in this area "IMG_3158
It is a good view, and 10 points to the council, basically, fu@k with the trees and we will plonk a big sign in front of your house, and no need to point a finger at who did it, as it is obvious which house was trying to get a better view . What a way to get on well with the neighbours, and what a way to devalue your property, especially when you just cut the tree as you are putting your house on the market, thinking this will add a few dollars to the value, I mean look at the view, where as now, potential buyers come in for an inspection and get a nice visual yellow sign , smack bang in the middle of the great ocean view, hahaha, finally the council gets something rightIMG_3159
This is a good little walk by the wayIMG_3161
Jac's, the sign and the house in questionIMG_3162
ok,let's go for a walkIMG_3164
what a view from up hereIMG_3167
winter sunIMG_3168 IMG_3170 baby black boyIMG_3172 IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3177 Pittwater reflectionsIMG_3179
so nice to come back to this place after Europe, don't get me wrong , I love Europe, love the culture, history, but the air the space the. . .  well the essence of pure natureIMG_3180 IMG_3187
going going goneIMG_3188 speaking of nature, wht's that creature hiding in the trees, don't spot it ,here, I'll zoom inIMG_3189
some one left a little somethign for others to enjoy ( or get freaked out by )IMG_3196
made it back the car park just in time
So yeah, I was really tired this afternoon, jet lag was kicking in, could easily have lied down for a nap, but then I knew I would wake up at 2am or so , wide awake.So going for a walk to keep awake an d then go to bed at a normal time is the best solution I think

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