Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


First day back in Sydney, and brrr it's winter here

Jacqui at the receiving end of my new wide angle adaptor for the G10IMG_3070
blue sky, love it, let's check the surfIMG_3071
mmm, yeah, looks like the right hander is workingIMG_3072
and yep, winter time,no one on the beachesIMG_3079
Jac's takes me to this nursery at Oxford Falls that has a cacti garden and antique bottle museumIMG_3081
got a couple of plants, but there was no one around and did not get to see the antique bottles so I left the money on a desk next to the computer in the office ( door left open and un attended ) IMG_3083
later on ( days go fast in winter ) we catch the 5pm ferry to Ettalong to meet up with KennyIMG_3084
just as the sun is settingIMG_3091
hmmm, interesting, could be fun to wakeboard behind the ferry, especially when box head is working, drop straight into a wave as the ferry passes right past the boxhead line up ,hmmm....funIMG_3093
the joey, seen from the west with a wide angleIMG_3094
First time crossing for Jac's ( she'snot bigon boats and going over waves, as yes, a section of the trip is on open water )IMG_3096
Joey , seen from the north west, andto think we walked around that headland , tried it once and succeeded the 2nd timeIMG_3098
beatiful clouds on the horizonIMG_3099 IMG_3102 IMG_3103
Lion Island, seen from the East ( need to see it from the north or south to see the lion )IMG_3107
and an hour or so later at Kenny's place ( I passed out in the back of the car for the trip from the ferry to his place - jet lag )

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