Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Walter Van Beirendonck

now here's a change of ..erm..scenery_SYD8588
I was asking this , model, if they had any changes , or if it was just the one outfit, one outfit and a parade in Walter's undies came the reply, do you want to see them he asks, sure, why not_SYD8594
don't mind these actually ( the shoes, not the undies )_SYD8597 Fu@k this guy's like a giant_SYD8606 Nice ass pockets_SYD8621 hehehehe_SYD8626
the pictures of these guys/models_SYD8648 makes me think of a comment my dad just posted in one of my earlier posts, about the time when male models where men/manly and the current skinny feminine look. "when man looked like man"Well Dad, are these guys manly enough. Sorry just had to laugh :-)_SYD8637

A very happy Walter
_SYD8668 _SYD8681 _SYD8693 _SYD8698 _SYD8719 _SYD8724 _SYD8727 _SYD8729 _SYD8734 _SYD8736 _SYD8739 _SYD8744

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