Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


John Galliano

Always, always , always ready for some good serious fun at his shows, and now, for the 1st time , at his mens show as well_SYD9169 _SYD9179 _SYD9187 _SYD9201 _SYD9204 _SYD9207 _SYD9221 _SYD9226 _SYD9256 _SYD9274 _SYD9282 _SYD9287 Well you heard of water fights, food fights, you can add powder fights_SYD9318 _SYD9320 _SYD9321 _SYD9322 _SYD9356
How awesome is this location, was just a shame I could not run around the site with a few of the models to take some exclusive shots. This old disused swimming pool, now taking over by grafitti and tags is just el primo backdrop_SYD9362 _SYD9372 _SYD9378 _SYD9384 _SYD9390 _SYD9409 _SYD9427 _SYD9433 _SYD9440 _SYD9442 _SYD9454 _SYD9482 _SYD9483 _SYD9486 _SYD9505

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