Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



He's got a star in his crotch_SYD8907 _SYD8901 _SYD8916 _SYD8922 _SYD8931 _SYD8944 _SYD8953 _SYD8970
I say what ..._SYD8983 _SYD8997
With the passing of wacko jacko, I asked the black models to give me their M.J. Pose_SYD9007 _SYD9012 _SYD9030 _SYD9046 _SYD9054 _SYD9061 _SYD9062
A case of like it or hate it. Interesting to hear the comments, a lot of the boys adore adore adore this collection, me, if had the choice of this to say Lanvin, Blaak, Juun J or even Walter B's , I would pick the latter.  But hey, I'm just the photographer, so what do I know , right ? But then I came across this quote
"the clothes made me think of footballers who wear free designer clothes." Cathy Horyn, serves it up cold, read the whole article clickity click here Yes, Hubert would not be impressed I say

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