Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


TAFE show

TAFE stands for Technical And Further Education, so like a college, and this is a group show from the final year students. Bit of hype around this show, as this is the show , were last year Dion Lee was discovered, and all are hoping to find another talent. I'm not sure of which design belongs to which student, so please feel free to supply me with the correct information via the comment box on the bottom ( read, please tell me who they are :-)_SYD7703 _SYD7709 _SYD7715 _SYD7721 Miss Fitz, is datchu ? Can't be, you're packing to go to New York_SYD7724 _SYD7731_SYD7746_SYD7759_SYD7760_SYD7763_SYD7771_SYD7773_SYD7802_SYD7805

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