Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Romance Was Born

Hydrangea, one of my favourite flowers, and then look at the top_SYD6955
sea creature_SYD7003 _SYD7012
Maddy documenting it all ( and why wouldn't you ! )_SYD7016
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you , the iced vovo , for those that don'tknow what an iced vovo is ( shame on you )Iced_vo_vo_1
Iced Vovo's are a " sweet and interesting" biscuitVovo
Part arrowroot biscuit, icing sugar ( or is it a marshmellow mix ) streak of jam and topped with shredded coconut_SYD7029
Head make up artist, Natasha Severino, takes a bite_SYD7059
Emma and Mak are enjoying this moment , as we all are_SYD7085 Sophie Ward, looking rather tall_SYD7108
This was the shot that was used on the NYtimes blog, the moment _SYD7113 Hannah_SYD7118 Mak_SYD7123 _SYD7125 Luke looking on, making sure all is sitting, hanging, folding the way he wants it to _SYD7126 _SYD7129 It's a bit chilly here outside on the pier_SYD7138 _SYD7147 _SYD7153
Sophie Ward , the sea bride ( Crystal Barbie to Sophie as it turns out, read her article , I recommend it )_SYD7171 Simone and Tanya_SYD7189 Tiah, getting larger up top with her pregnancy, boys finding it hard to talk to her right now and maintain eye contact_SYD7196
loving the bags_SYD7208
Emma_SYD7213 Rachel_SYD7248 Avril_SYD7252 Mikey_SYD7256 _SYD7269 _SYD7272 _SYD7318

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