Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Gary Bigeni

Gary Bigeni, another one of the newer kids on the block, and ready to loose that tag of "used to work for Josh Goot " as I think that was about 3 years or more ago, so well into his own by now I think_SYD7920 _SYD7924
waiting for the show to start_SYD7933 Myf_SYD7935 _SYD7938 _SYD7946 _SYD7953 _SYD7961 _SYD7965 _SYD7979 _SYD7997 _SYD8005 _SYD8012 _SYD8018 _SYD8031 _SYD8037 _SYD8042 _SYD8044

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