Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Cassette Society

Hannah _SYD9392 _SYD9396 _SYD9402
Has to be Janka
_SYD9408 _SYD9422
Vanessa Milde, come a long way since I did that test with her back in Whale beach a few years back_SYD9430 _SYD9433 _SYD9435 _SYD9438 _SYD9441 _SYD9450 _SYD9457 _SYD9461 _SYD9470 _SYD9475 _SYD9478 _SYD9481 _SYD9489
Hannah, you rock !_SYD9493 _SYD9497 _SYD9503 _SYD9507 _SYD9515 _SYD9519 _SYD9522 _SYD9525 _SYD9536
The duo, lot of excitement backstage at this show, don't know if it coming from the designer, or the fact that it is the last show. Let's just say both

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