Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Gaetano Navarra

First show in Milan , and first photo in Milan, so very apt it is of my friend Iek_MIL0011 _MIL0032 _MIL0017 _MIL0041
recognise any of the above girls_MIL0046
Iris ( fresh from Vogue cover )_MIL0056
Hannelore ( had a good run in New York, and now in Milan as well, fantastic !! )_MIL0076
Ieke(bunny)liene_MIL0090 Tanya _MIL0096
new girl on the block, comments please, as to her name_MIL0128
oh my gawd , they killed Kenny_MIL0132 so southpark that hood_MIL0134
Love those pants, justwant to get her on a horse_MIL0149 Les Deux Bunnies !! or ...Bunnies on the red carpet _MIL0157
Loving all the shapes/forms in this collection_MIL0170 _MIL0175 Tanya_MIL0189

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