Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sissi Wasabi

Back on site for the only show I will cover here today, Sissi Wasabi_BER2463
Press kit
"The Sisi Wasabi vision is based on the tension between past and future (Sisi and Wasabi).
Zerlina von dem Busche distances her label from fleeting trends to create an authentic, exclusive high-end brand using luxurious materials."_BER2470
A lot of hairspray backstage, I'm sure I still have some in my nostrils_BER2474
Killer heels, was a wake up call for a few of the newer models_BER2480 _BER2489 _BER2494 _BER2503 _BER2507 _BER2539 _BER2548 _BER2556 _BER2565 _BER2567 _BER2568 _BER2585
Aussie girl from Brissie , Hannah_BER2588 _BER2606
The Hannah session_BER2607 _BER2609 _BER2610 _BER2619 _BER2624

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