Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Scherer Gonzales

This was a much anticipated show, and nice to some workmanship and attention to detail_BER3167
I like the little leather accessory over the shoes_BER3182
Brissie girl, Hanne, yeah mate how ya doin' !_BER3185
Toni Garrn_BER3199 Timoxa_BER3200 _BER3209
Brissie screamer_BER3213
Toni_BER3221 _BER3228
I love this jacket !_BER3241 Toni in the biggest dress I've seen_BER3247 _BER3255 _BER3270
both Hannah_BER3281 _BER3287 _BER3305 _BER3321 _BER3325
Hehehe, the umbrella got stuck in Timoxa's hair_BER3333 _BER3347 _BER3352
Toni, in the biggest dress, there were concerns before the show on how she would turn around on the narrow runway_BER3358
Now she's pulling all that weight_BER3360 _BER3361
trying to squeeze that dress through the narrow passageway _BER3366
made it_BER3367 _BER3386 good show you two

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