Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Markus Lupfer

After the below par efforts on the official schedule yesterday, I decide today to skip a lot of the shows on site, and instead do the streets of Berlin for some of the shows off site and presentations, first up Markus Lupfer_BER2353
The press release reads "London-based german Designer Markus Lupfer addresses sophisticated fashionable women, who appreciate his feminine knitwear. Markus Lupfer is known for his knitwear, colourful prints and the use of leather, as well as for his accessories line and the variety of cooperation projects."_BER2356
Although in this presentation I did not see any strong knitwear, but I did see some feel some nice 100% Merino wool_BER2358 _BER2361 _BER2364 _BER2367
I feel quite confident in claiming those to be the lips of Grace Jones

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