Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



Maripol, signing one of her pieces before the doors open for the exhibtion.
Benedict tagged along with me for a few shows ( Aussie boy based in Berlin , and working on and told me we ought to check out this vernissage at Gallery Sevenstar.
Maripol was there and has the polaroids to prove it, going everywhere with her sx70. Ended up workign with Madonna, doing all the merchandising for the Virgin tour after the success of the styling she did for Madonna Liek A virgin cover, working with Meisel. She has written, produced, directed countless low budget new york art films "Downtown 81 " "Just an American boy" "Face Addicts" and directed a documentary on Keith Harring for french TV called " Crack is Wack "_BER2684
As well as continues polaroid(-ing ) She also worked on lots of art films , short films and music videos for Cher, D'Angelo, EltonJohn, Luther Vandross etc..._BER2690
That's Madona in a pink wig at the top. I'm impressed at how good the prints turned out enlarged, keeping in mind that this is from a polaroid. So a high resolution scan , colour correction and then a good printer_BER2694
The gallery space was a classic, awesome building for an exhibtion, and love the old skool heating system

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