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Rick Owens

You probably have all heard about the lock out of this show, I was on the official shuttle bus with Diane, after Bruno Pieters,  when she got a call to say they had closed the doors at Rick Owens, we were like WHAT !!! Later on , we figured out that a lot of invites had been photocopied ( students, well 10 points to you if it worked) and the room was full, so security for fire safety reason, could not permit more people in the room. Lucky for me, the head security guy , when I got there told me to slip in the back way, as he knew I just had to show you guys these photos.
Here we have Suvi_PAR0577
Kasia Kruss _PAR0579
Alyona Osmanova rushing to get on the runway_PAR0580 Go girl_PAR0584 Maria Carla
Check the shoes !_PAR0600
Kinga, look how they also bleached the eyebrows_PAR0605
aaaah,how cute, bubs, Teri-Ann F and hubby.I'm pretty confident in saying that Teri-Ann is Rick's favourite model_PAR0611
Hanne _PAR0640 Irina_PAR0644
this time in a pose :-)_PAR0647
Iris Strubegger_PAR0653 After the show, a little stroll across the Seine to get back to the Louvre on a nice autumn day

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