Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



McQueen show, as always was amazing, but as always, and I still don;t know why ( tell me why KCD ) I was told there was no room for me backstage ( I peeked inside, deductions,lots of room, just stressed out PR I figure ) So anyway, this show I had to sit out, I decided to stay and watch the show, but then when I got myself a nice front row position, I might as well show you guys some shots from a different angle I thought. Here we see Chanel _PAR6853
Abbey Lee , just before the poor girl collapsed from that tight corset, miss one breath, and the corset just tightens even more on your rib cage, preventing the flow of oxygen into your lungs, I mean look at how much her breasts are popping up pointing skywards ( and she's still a young girl with little champagne cups)_PAR6884
This outfit, on Magdalena, looking more like a creation from Peter Jackson's wardrobe crew ( Ngila Dickson )_PAR6905
The hair was simple and interesting, just pop on a stocking on thehead, and then place some strands underneath, to give it a feeling of wet strands of hair clinging to the face after you came out of the water. Seeing a lot of computer generated prints_PAR6935
Tiger face Alex, and love the black and white outfit on Iris_PAR6959
Love this white and grey shaded outfit on Ania Trublaska, playing with the shading on the fabric_PAR6978
Ditto on this one that Uliana Tikhova is wearing_PAR7038
Ouch !_PAR7061 Finale_PAR7067
and the man comes out dressed in a bunny suit, I'm having a DonnieDarko flashback

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