Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



Angela Lindvall, nice to see her backstage again a bitmore, I think she skipped a season or two ( or maybe I just did not see her)

Work that bag for Karl

Yeay, Aussie

Myf Shepherd

We love Myf, cool cat from BrisVegas

Andrea Stancu

Abbey Lee ( where is Catherine, then we could have had 3 aussies backstage, or Skye)


Andrea and Edita

Olga and Magdalena


Sigrid Agren ( one of the new girls doing well this season )

Anja, I like the shape of the top part of this outfit


Natasha ( I must talk to her , but she seems a hard one to approach, could be just the face , let's find out )


Denisa Dvorakova


Lara, Magda, Karl and Anja


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