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Alitalia Pilots

So here I was in Milan, stressing the past few days about whether I would or not be flying back to Paris with all the financial trouble Alitalia is in, to then be on the plan with only 30 other passengers 7 of which models, a booker and 2 fashion journalists ( fashion keeps Alitalia afloat -only kidding )

So , with all this space, I was wondering which side of the plane I should sit to get a good view of Milan on take off, I ask the steward , who wasn't a 100 % sure, so he calls the captain, who then comes to the back of theplane to tell me  !!! Woauw, now that's service, never had that happen on a flight , say to Sydney and back, at first I thought I was in trouble, but the captain told me to sit on the left, he will make a little turn , and then move to the right side so I can get a good shot of the alps, awesome

And sure enough, he makes a little left turn so I can get a better picture of milan

The green you can see just under the tip of the wing, is the city park , and the spot where the apartment is from Matteo who I stayed with

Central station

And the Fiera , where a lot of the shows took place ( like a louvre in Paris )

climbing above the cloud lin, it was about this time that the steward comes out to tell me that the captain suggest I move to the right side

Beautifull looking Lake Maggiore at the base of the alps

Wouldn't mind sailing around there

And lots more snow since last weeks flight


Valley running in between the mountains


In a few months that will all be white I guess

What a great view, and how those peaks seem to holding the clouds back

Amazing, this will look great printed up large

Somewhere under those clouds you have the big lakes of Switzerland

Another plane flies overhead

Getting close to Paris now

Paris's Disney World

Again , the steward comes out with a message from the Captain, that I should move to the left, and here is wh,  perfect view of Paris, clearly see IleStLouis, Louvre, Tulleries, Concorde, Bourse, Vendome, awesome

Arc de Triomphe, big up to Capt. Giuseppe Lapenta from Alitalia, this has been the best fligth for photos in a long time

Awesome how you can clearly see all the avenues and boulevards lead to the Arch Triomphe

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