Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


The Contestants Hotel

All the contestants are staying at a different hotel from the press ( good idea ) although I would prefer to stay here with the contestants ( more fun, and better hotel ) Here we have a little gathering going on from all the Antwerp people on the terras from the hotel.AfterI walked back with yan to our hotel, Diane Pernet had just arrived, so the 3 of us decided to come to this hotel to catch up with some of the contestants

Luis, Andreas and Narelle Dore

The view of the terras

Looking towards Trieste, which is about 10 km from here

Some of the Antwerp crew, being told about those "Oh what a feeling " adds by Narelle

Patrick DeMunck with some of his former pupils, we just learned  Patrick will be leaving the Antwerp Academy and taking up a job in Florence ( and if you know where Linda Loppa is stationed now, you'll figure out where Patrick will be as off September )

More red carpet arrivals for the Antwerp gathering

Every year, at the ITS event, the teachers from the Antwerp Academy organise a dinner for all the Antwerp Academy students that are in town for the event





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