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Brussels Airport

At the airport now ready to go  to Australia,  lucky me is flying business class today so  this shot is taken from the lounge, but it's not much to write about here, unlike the Qantas lounge in Sydney, all you get here is a coffee machine you can help yourself to, juice, croissants, some fruit , and beer ofcourse ( damn it, no champagne ) and to use the internet is one of those Telenet hotspot rip offs. If you want to use the wireless you have to purchase a voucher , and the cheapest voucher is 20 Euro's ( Hello ! ) which gives you 4 hours, but it's not like you can log off , and use the remaining time on another day. Because I'm guessing that the people at Telenet must have figured out that on average we all arrive 4 hours before our boarding time , or I'll just put it bluntly, Telenet are not there to provide a service, but to rip you off. Boycot Telenet, the bastards ( am I sounding irrate...? You bet ) I wrote them a letter, asking them to explain their pricing structure, did I get a re-ply ? No, so I find that pretty lame. So if anyone out there works for , or knows of someone at Telenet, please show them my post

Anyway, enough of my rant, on the plane now , and typical belgian weather, thank gawd for ITS

Take off, and I saw this earlier when I drove to the airport, maybe a bit too small to see in this picture, but the plane on a seperate runway with what looks like a black hawk helicopter next to it

Hmmm,not a nice looking day for Belgium today

Bursting through the grey

but then up here it's nicer

Sun always shines up here

And today I don't just get a sandwich with ham and cheese, I get an actual first class meal, look Jac, prawns, no shell, not even on the tail part, that must be delicate to do , they managed to keep the tail intact minus the skin (shell )

Big mass of clouds we are flying into

YEp, Germany is copping the bad grey summer weather as well

Down we go

So you have a layer of cloud on top, and underneath also on lower altitude these smaller fluffy clouds


Landscape around Munich airport, like the army camouflage colours


Landed, here I will get a transfer to a flight to Trieste ( where the weather won't be like this ...I hope )

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