Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Pink City

So from now on, all through the night, it's just shot after shot, to then puzzle together a film clip

After the first take, they check it out on the monitor and then do a few more takes, nothing excessive like 20 takes or so, could count them on one hand , sometimes maybe 2 hands, but generally on one hand, so pretty good going

Mathieu is doing the make up again ofcourse, unknowingly doing his Koala impersonation

Another shot another look

So as you can see form the clap board , this is a Full Tunes production



5 time world champion cocktail barmen, part of the clip

What's with the look on Steve's face ?

Marc takes a picture of what Mathieu calls the look alike girl from Sex and City

Time for the D.J. Shot

The other guy is Timofey, the producer that made the song Anita sings on ( I don't know, did I get that right Anita )

Again, checking out the shot, starting to get light again outside

It's actually one of my favourite colours , midnight blue

Twilight in Brussel

And it's a wrap, yeay, that was a long day for me, did a shoot during the day with Nicolas, and then this the making of shoot till 5 in the morning

From the skybar, we lok straight down at the entrance to private garden of the kings palace and it lookslike it will be a nice day, shame, as now I will be needing to go to bed

Driving home, sun just coming up

with still some mist around, pretty late for this time of the year, but it has been cold at night the last week, hope it changes now

Love the early morning light or late afternoon

With a little hint of morning dew

getting closer to home now,and more importantly..bed,sooo tired

Again, what a shame to have to spend the next few hours in bed

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