Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Martens Beton

Will be our location today for the shoot with Glen Martens's clothes, we have to hurry as we only have till 5 pm, then the gates shut and we'll be locked in, should have started earlier , as this location is great, but the clouds are playing havoc with me and ares lowing things down a bit

Lars Paschke is helping us today, Pholoso still has her limp dick arm so Lars is like her other arm today, Lars is a 3rd year Antwerp Academy student, well soon he will be 4th year

Layna, wearing one of Lars's dresses, no he did not crochet this dress, it's one of his ( make of that what you will ) More photos later, I just been to the Arnhem show, and am staying the night in a hotel there, with the worst and slowest internet connection ever , like going back to dial up, I planned to add more photos from the shoot and pics from Arnhem, but this connection is killing me, this post took me close to an hour, so bear with me for a few days

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