Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Eddy the Farmer man meets Anita the singer

Or I could have called this the calving update , a few weeks ago I was there when they did a cesarean , and Anita and Marc came over for a visit, so I took them to see the neighbours cows, and here Eddy shows us  the  calf that was born ( pulled out that day )

So it's about 2 weeks old here

Anita is impressed

Pretty tame and easy going this calf,

Just came right up to Anita

Aaaah, that's why, it's a Homer calf

Nice soft light in here, but I am shooting at 800asa

Yeah, what you looking at

Marc snaps one of me and the cows


Meanwhile, outside the youngest is out practicing on his moto cross bike

looks like fun


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