Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Snow (Kodak style )

I was dreaming that it was snowing inside my room, through the slats of woods on the ceiling, I got up to have a look, and figured it was the weight of all the snow on the roof, then I woke up , and yes, the whole landscape is blanketed in snow

But by the time I got up at around 8am, half had already melted away again, in this pic you can see the drops of the melting snow out of focus on the foreground

Last night it was a good thick 3-5cm, this morning, on the car it is back down to 1-2cm already

Still, makes for a pretty morning

And as I'm typing this, all the snow had gone already

Pretty little yellow daffodil in the snow, hope it snows again tonight, if not might have to go for a drive to the Ardennes and take some photos there, currently it is minus 4 there, so no melting snow

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