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The Glimmers in Sydney

When I was at that I love Lucy bar opening Mo, from the Glimmers, was there and told me he was going to playing at a festival in Sydney, one month later, and here we are. Just met him and Benoile at their hotel and just arrived at the harbourlife festival

Mo&Benoile, a bit dark , I know, but I wanted to illustrate the location of the venue/party where they were dj-ing at, it's a bit patchy/cloudy/sunny day today, but at least it is not pissing down with rain like it was all morning

This ones better, but Benoile is not in the picture

A happy crowd, lots of shirts off, and when I look at it now, the song from , damn, what's the band called again Freddy, you know, the lyrics are like, all them little pills and thrills...lalaland

The glimmers went down pretty well with this crowd, this was at the beginning of their set, by the end there were a lot more people on the dancefloor, just like in Benicasim at the FIB

Da boys working it, was nice to be able have a backstage pass, so I could take some pictures of the guys and hang out with them

Evelien aka Blinie is here as well, she arrived from Gent into Australia about 2-3 weeks ago, she loves to pull a face, trust me, she is actually having a good time here

Just like Jacqui is, the , ahem , rock chic, is actually dancing and having a good time, even though the music is dance music, I hope not too many of her rock friends read my blog, wouldn't want her to lose her credo , well we can blame the boys for playing a more interesting variety of dance music as opposed to the typical doof doof, either that or the alcohol is working ( or both )

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