Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Wim & Nadine

I'm on the push bike riding into town, just had a few glasses of champagne at granny's for Wim & Nadine's birthday (granny's children ) so now we are going out for Thai food , yummy, in town. But there is a big street party on in town at the moment, called markt rock, and themain square has a big stageand bands will be playing all night. so that means hard for cars to pass and find parking, so sabine and I opted to ride our bikes instead, and granny can then ride with wim, hilda and nadine.

Sabine is already miles ahead ( ok 2-300metres), she must be hungry. or like riding her bike fast, I'm glad we went by bike, as even with our bikes we were stopped by police as we could not pass certain streets , too many people, so we went through all these little backstreets to get to our restaurant.

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