Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Lunch with Sandra

After Olof it's a short ride on the bike to Sandra, and she invites me to have lunch on a terras outside, we have a good chat over lunch, and it is always nice to spend time with Sandra. I just remembered how she and her boyfriend could not get in to the vice party a few days ago , I tried to get one of the local guys to help me out to get her in, without any luck, so it was left up to me to get her in, and to my own surprise it worked, and I don't even live here. So anyway, she is a busy girl now, she won the Hyers festival, did the special knits for Louis Vuiton at the last collections, there are some more collaborations on the horizon, and she is also picked to be a part of the protege project, an initiative by Australian wool , where established names in the fashion industry  ( think Lagerfeld, Donatella... ) are asked to pick a protege who then have to work with the Merino wool to create some pieces, the editor from Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani, picked Sandra . So I was going to say Sandra has a great smile, and you could think it is because things are looking up, but Sandra always has had a great smile on her, keep it up girl. Patty just reminded me of a story Laird just did on her last week, read it here

After lunch, just had to have a shot of me on the bike on the streets of stockholm, so Sandra snaps me on the bike

Just as we are to say good bye, I spot this sign in a window, it's up there with rea slut sign , but Sandra assures me it is not a ...sexual thing, but rather a bunch of people who get together and read ..poetry

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