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Diesel Store Antwerp

I wasn't in Belgium at the time of the grand opening, slash party, of the store - I think I was in Dubai at the time, so Laura from the Amsterdam office invited me to come and check it out

Love the stair way, the store is ( obviously ) in an old building, and Iike that the Diesel interior shop fitters maintained a lot of the original character of the old building, it is right on the corner of Nationale & KammenStraat, there was a clothing store here before, but to tell you the truth , I never went in there

And the lead light domed ceiling, nice.
As well as a little guided tour, I got given a new pair of jeans to wear in New York , awesome, pretty stoked , as I just needed a new pair.
I'll get a shot of me wearing it, so you can let me know if you like, and in the pocket of the jeans, there was a little perfume tester, the sexy energetic Elixer (use with caution it says )

So , yeah, new perfume , wonder if it works :-)

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