Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Where there's smoke there's fire

Barbeque at Wim& Hilda's for Janice's going away feast.
She's leaving Belgium to go and hook up with my brother in Darwin, I told her not to expect too much of Darwin, can get pretty boring after a few weeks, s not like you can jump in the car and go to the next city.
She's not fussed, feels like doing nothing for a while, has had a busy study year and stuff, so the fact of doing nothing and catching up on reading some books sounds pretty good to her, while sitting in a pool even better, send us a pic won't you Janice

Hilda does her grilled Aubergine towers with parmesan, yum
can you spot a difference between these 2 shots

One is taken with the N95 and the other with my Olympus

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