Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Room National

Next door to the Momu, Violetta & Vera's clothing shop. The sister, in the building of the shop, have turned the upstairs part into a hotel. It's where Diane stayed and I took a few pics in her room, the gold room . So Glynis wanted to have a look , and Vera let us go upstairs to check out the other rooms

More like apartments th actual just hotel rooms, this the black/brown room

Glynis makes notes in case she'll write a feature on Antwerp

Same room , one floor up , but all in white, very nice

With wooden bathtub

And then downstairs walk straight into the shop.
Worth checking out for your next trip to Antwerp RN, Room National ( it's on the National street, hence the name ) To contact and find out more email their office

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