Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Glynis Trail-Nash

Glynis is in town, came up from Paris, she called me when I was in Italy to let me know she was coming, Fleur gave her my number, I'm glad you did Fleur.
So we met up tonight, and did the real Belgium thing for this time of year, and that is eat a big pot of steaming mussels with frittes.
After dinner, she opts for the cake and tea, I go straight for the coffee and Amaretto

On her way to her hotel we do the touristy thing and take a photo at the main town square.
Now I've shown you this square before, with all its amazing buildings, but here we are just after dusk, so there is still a tinge of that north europe mid summer light in the sky even though it is late at night.
Tomorrow I will show Glynis around town, and on the agenda is the MoMu

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