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Bloody Cellar

Not much blogging going on as I been keeping myself busy with this bloody cellar, the dampness is really bad in here, so I started on it last year, by taking off the wallpaper, then some veneer wooden sheets, followed by what I think is called Tetranite sheeting, and behind all that was a brick wall covered in some sort of layer of plaster, but it wasn't plaster as such, nor mortar, something in between very sandy, so I spent a while scraping that off to finally get to the actual brick. That was last year, the wall was really damp behind all that stuff, so it was advised to let it "breathe". So a few days ago , I started on the arduous job of going over the walls with a wire brush attached to a electric drill, hard work and really dusty. On the first day, one wall one started at the top, by the time I got to the bottom of the wall I was so tired, and then the dust from the moist bottom part must have done something to my body, because, to cut a long story short, I ended up in bed shivering and sweating with a high fever. I was better the next day, but decided not too work on the cellar that day.

Trust me, this is looking clean compared to a day ago

I like this pic, how you can see 3 different light sources, the phone camera is on automatic, so it has gone for the colour balance of the tungsten light ( aimed at the wall, left ) so there it is "warm ", in the top left corner above that you can just make out the wall lit up from a fluoro tube, and the top of the ladder is natural daylight filtering in

The fine dust I end up with, I've taken over a dozen buckets of this stuff out of here.
Today is a good day, as the major part of cleaning the walls is done, so I should be able to start tomorrow , or this week end with painting the walls with a special damp protecting product ( expensive one too )

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