Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Bernhard Willhelm : Het Totaal Rappel

Bernhard Willhelm exhibition at the Momu. Bernhard graduated from the Antwerp Academy in 1998, since '99 he has presented his collections in Paris during the Pret-a-Porter, in collaboration with Jutta Kraus . Recently Jutta and Bernhard donated their entire apparel collection to the Fashion Museum ( MoMu ) and from that, they decided to the a retrospective exhibition. I show you some images here, but really, there is too much to show, so this is just a small taste, and seriously well worth a visit.It will be at the MoMu till the  27th of January

Entrance to the exhibition "Ghosts " from Spring-summer 2004

From the "Flowers in construction work " part of the exhibit, loved this dress, very pretty, and i never saw this one before

This form the "Girl with Mobile phone " collection, this room was amazing, looks like it took days to put together with little messages everywhere. Liked the one referring to the white house as the new modern Nazis, and instead of Jews for their gold it's arabs for their oil

Japanese Workers ( SPring -Summer 2005 )
Can you spot the real life model

In a lot of his creations and /or presentations , there is an anti US sentiment


Simple, but effective, one large room,blacked out, with right at the end a Pepsi vending machine, plugged in, lit up like normal, but with a cardboard sign across the coin slot saying "out of Order " On the official Museum catalogued it is just referred to it as  " Installation with Soda Machine "


There are messages like this to be found all throughout the exhibition

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