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Meanwhile, back in Australia

Crockwell country side pic courtesy of SMH, Brendan Esposito
Well, in Belgium it hasn't exactly been summer weather yet, and some one just asked me yesterday what winter is like in Australia, and they were surprised to hear that we have a ski resort and that it snows there in the mountains, well this week, it snowed a few hours drive from Sydney.

Oberon streets, pic courtesy of SMH,Nick Moir
And ,like I said, north Europe summer hasn't quite turned up yet, I was actually really cold yesterday outside with just jeans , t-shirt and a hooded jacket, and this in end June in Belgium, I was still cold, and I thought about those winter days in Sydney when you have those cold westerlies blowing of the mountains, but crystal clear blue skies, so that when you sit out of the wind in the sun, it can be quite pleasant. I guess my cold day yesterday in Belgium would not have been colder than Sydney at the moment. Only good news is that a lot of the empty dams out in the country west of NSW are finally filling up, some have been dry since 2004

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