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This post is dedicated to Roger Laenen, who was always teasing me in Belgium about actually being able to surf.

Jacqui offered to take some pictures of me surfing, cool been wanting some pics of me surfing.
Not the best surf out there, and I wasn't having one of my best surfs, but still, nice for me to see a pic of me doing my favourite thing. This shot , bottom turning to nowhere

Smacking the lip, or better know as a "reo" short for  re-entry, this move usually follows on from a bottom turn

A combination of a backhand re-entry and a cutback, the re entry was pretty small as there was not much power in the lip of the wave, and a cutback , is when you cut back to the foam to get some power back from the curling wave to set up your next turn.

Another forehand re entry, now I'm not getting as much vertical on this wave as I would like for two reasons, I'm not as good as the pros, and the waves were weak in this session

After that last re entry above, big cutback, love doing this turn, big wide turn and then hit that foam ball again that's coming towards me in the left of the picture

And finish off with a little tube, or a little barrel, which is embarrasingly looking more like a head dip. Not like the pros out at Hawaii getting shacked, just no comparison, but i had fun

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