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Dinagyang Festival

Friend of mine, Jac Vidgen, is in the Phillipines, and just sent me these photos of the Dinagyang Festival .
This is what he had to say about the festival
"This is one of those festivals which has evolved from a combination
of ancient tribal and also more modern traditions.  The origin of
this style of festival seems to have come from an island nearby
(closer to Boracay) - apparently it was initially about war, but now
involves Saint Nino (pronounced 'ninyo' - the manifestation of the
baby Jesus?) who represents peace...... go figure!  Suffice to say,
lots of people have lots of fun and celebration - there's
dressing-up, drumming, dancing, drinking, plenty of colour and
movement - and seemingly pretty good vibes all around...... oh, and
of course eating!  And, these days, the necessary commercial element
- but no-one seems to mind, and a good time was had by all."

And he included these pics and it does look pretty amazingDscf3545Dscf3554Dscf6055Dscf6042Dscf6048

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