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Ripped off

People who have been coming to my blog for a while will now how much I love clouds and taking pictures from my airplane window, so I always have my travel agent put in a request for a window, at check in , they did not have that request, so I had to beg for a window seat, so they give me one, but my seat is at the exit door, so A. I don't have a window next to me, just the side panelling of the interior, and B. the window from the exit door just shows the wing, I was so  pissed of, but I kept my calm and spoke to the head steward about it, it wasn't a full plane, so after take off I could try to find a seat, but as soon as we took off, any empty seat were quickly turned into make shift beds, so no luck there, got to fix this so it never happens again, then I thought about it, that from now on, I wonder if I organise , that as part of the ticket sales agreement, they will supply me a window seat or the sale is void ?

So not much left to do but drink and watch movies

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