Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Surf after shoot


Mash is defenitly in the book of face pullers !!! We finished shooting for the day, so the four of us, Jay, Dan, Ash and I , are going for a surf, there's some really nice waves coming through at Cylinders. Mash is not coming out, everyone else has gone back to the house, so she's minding the cars for us, while we surf.


Back from surfing, was pretty good, a lot of wild life out there, saw quite a few dolphins out there, plus Dan and Jay saw a very ..."large brown shape swimming around them..". I might add here, that this is the beach just up the road from Amity beach, were there was a deadly shark attack about 6 months ago


Ash was a bit apprehensive at first on going out there when she saw some big things moving around out in the water, but she over came her fears and ended up paddling out with me


Time to pack up , and head home for dinner


Raaaaaaa !!!


My serious look


Jay's serious look


Not to be outdone, Dan's gives us his serious look


Ipod ready. . . ok, time to head back to the house

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