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Australia just got ripped off !


Or, how to ruin your afternoon = go down the pub and watch Australia´s chance to progress to the next stage in world cup, scuttled by a stupid referee.Look at that sheer intensity on my face watching the game. Anyone that can prove to me that that what a legitimate foul and warrented a penalty shot, please do so, because the way I see it was the Italian player stumbling over an Australian, I really want you to see this in slow motion re-play ( anyone out there know where I can get his btw) It was about 10 seconds before going into extra time, I swear, the referee must be see-ing this now, and saying to himself "Ooops" I so wanted Oz to whip the Italians, especially after their national newspapers this morning carried the headline " Australia to beat Italy, not possible, it would be a joke" Well they nearly did, in Itlay´s defense though, Australia should have capitalised earlier on the Italians being a man down. I was the only Oz in this cafe, and an Englishman afterwards said to me  " oh well, you won the cricket, you can´t win everything " he smiled , then added " but that was an unfair call, should have goen to extra time" chapeau

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