Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


After Aquatic explorations we check out the unbeaten track at St Regis

And they have a heli-pad

Quick little bush bash to check out the edge of the island and take a peek at the other side and on this side, I see a windsock, which could mean only one thing Heli Pad for those that don;t want to take the boat from the airport, there's always the Helicopter Helipad with a view close to landing on water , especially at high tide luxury local village across the chanel, would love to go for a wander in there, but have a feeling the locals might not take too kindly to the rif raf form the resort need I say it again, the colours !! I reckon that would be a pretty epic location in the village what a view after all that hard work, one needs a drinkin the pool ofcourse, beer o'clock and Jacqui in the background enjoying her Dirty Banana cocktail walking home for another dip spotted this guy bit of cleaning up

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