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That Sydney Storm - Whale Beach

I saw this storm coming at the beginning of Sydney Fashion week

AUS_7149SonnyphotosI had seen the forecast a week earlier and could hardly believe what I was see-ing looking at the forecast. A week later and the forecast is more than correct. The wind ferocious, the swell gigantic and the rain, well too much. Here Jacqui tries not to get blown away while trying to take a photo. Side note, a week after this shot, I went to check the oil/water on the car, popped the bonnet and I have never seen so much sand blown in the engine bay AUS_7154SonnyphotosNow for a lot of you these following photos might not mean a lot to you, but this is a surf spot at Whale beach called the Wedge, and I have never seen it covered in so much white wash and waves rolling in the break, well looks like the break is getting washed away AUS_7164Sonnyphotosand the waves hitting the headland AUS_7171Sonnyphotosnone stop AUS_7190Sonnyphotosso much water AUS_7191Sonnyphotoseven the locals sign is getting a wash AUS_7208Sonnyphotosthat's like a 3 foot wall of water rolling through there ( never seen that before ) AUS_7209Sonnyphotos AUS_7214Sonnyphotoslooking south, and waves crashing into Dolphin Bay AUS_7218Sonnyphotosa seawater waterfall  AUS_7229Sonnyphotosthat's just massive  AUS_7230Sonnyphotosand the wind AUS_7232Sonnyphotoslook a the wave rolling in and compare the size of it to the size of the three story buildings in the background AUS_7239SonnyphotosThe whole beach just one big washing machine and look close you see the waves actually breaking into the car park AUS_7240Sonnyphotos AUS_7244Sonnyphotos AUS_7255Sonnyphotos AUS_7258Sonnyphotos AUS_7266Sonnyphotossize of wave vs size of house AUS_7272Sonnyphotoswind damage AUS_7276SonnyphotosI'll have to come back on a sunny day when there is a "normal" size swell, you would not even see waves break from this spot. Let's go check Palm Beach next

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