Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Quick flight to London and Back

Quick flight across the channel and back

ready to take off

Transport of the day not so long ago, trains and boats

can you spot it, somewhere in the center, no ?

zoomed in, how about now

love flying through the clouds

Schelde snaking through Belgium countryside

Belgium coastline

Osstende just a touch below middle

good view of Osstende

leaving continent

crssing the channel

in the middle

Heathrow, and no, not yet

love getting on these when I am here though, means I'm heading home, but will be a while before that happens

back to Belgium

love the long summer days in north europe

it's like after 10 pm

Schelde snaking towards Antwerp

Doel and Antwerp


turning to Zaventem

heading down

just in time to go to bed

© Sonny Vandevelde — Play nice and credit photos